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Yes...it is exactly what you are thinking, it's the public of the original Sentinel mash-up...

It only took me ~4 years (lazy bum +1...) to make a public release...and it's pretty much the same it was 4 years ago (lazy bum +1...), no new meshes (lazy bum +1...), apart from a few new glow maps and overall optimization the textures are the same (lazy bum +1...) , and...that's it XD

Things to notice:

- It is an old mash-up.

- It's a ~7mb nif file (if you have a computer weaker than my 8 year old desktop, then expect heavy FPS drop).

- It has a few clipping issues.

- I really don't care about them tough.

- It could use some better normal maps.

- I'm not going to bother with them .

- I will not re-size this to body X or Y, you can "try" to do it with gerra6's converting tool, tough if my calculations are correct, the world should end in...oops...huh...I mean it will probably explode in your face in a very spectacular way.

- There will be a few add-ons to this mash-up...in time...maybe in another 4 years or so...

- The greatsword, Annihilator, is also included.

For those few who already had it, this one is less FPS hungry, might be of interest or not, for the rest...enjoy it.

No esp.


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    chakaru11 (Tuesday, 12 May 2015 10:57)

    Aaaaw, this brings back memories of the good old cookie jar days :D I kind of miss them :(

    Still, this armor is a kind of iconic mash up and has inspired a lot of people to try their hands at nifskope :D So for that it deserves a special place in my never ending armor collection :D I already have it, but stillxD

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    Thanks for uploading it , i enjoyed it. I hope you come up with another one too. Will wait for the next posting.